The missing piece in your coaching culture.

The tools you need for consistent, effective coaching, enabling you to nurture excellence within your team.

Get more out of your coaching conversations.

Coachlog helps your leaders track their coaching conversations, identify behavioural trends, and follow-up on their commitments.

Dashboards provide an overview of coaching activity at a glance, enabling efficient tracking and insightful analytics.

Our track record

Elevating teams since 2016

Since 2016, Coachlog has been a driving force for hundreds of teams to maximize their coaching performance and impact.

Active teams
Coachings logged
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Measureable Results

Whether you want to increase your sales, employee retention, net promoter scores, or any other metric, Coachlog allows you to target and improve what matters most to your business.


A wide variety of reports help you understand your business.

Our reporting system allows you to drill down into the nitty gritty of your coaching behaviour. Generate reports to quickly see which districts or stores are coaching regularly.

Access Control

Fine grained permissions allow you to control who can do what in your organization.

Privacy matters. Create your roles, build your hierarchy, and grant permissions so your team members are only allowed to see and do what they need to.

Single Sign-On

Already have an existing identity provider? Let's use it.

We make it easy to integrate with your existing identity provider so you only have to manage your users in one place.

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